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The mansion has been built il 1773 by Architect Rambaudi for the Baron De Laugier as holiday place. It sports a wonderful park a chapel an some farmsteads.


It was not far from the town of Racconigi but was totally self-sufficient.

The decoration and the furnishings have been created by the same artist who worked in the Royal Castle of Racconigi.


Tenuta Berroni is a walk into the XVII’th century magic regal atmosphere.


The mansion is fo typically French inspiration, and welcomes guide the visitor through a sky-high ancient plane trees rediscovering the taste of old times long time gone.

Visits are fun, it’s like walking back in time and that the ancient inhabitants of a century ago have just left for a walk, leaving their things in all rooms: a table set for a formal dinner, bedrooms with clothes left in gentle disarray.


The stunning big hall, built on two floors ( designed by Architect Borra, with stuccoes made by artists from Como and Lugano) welcomes the visitors.



The park gets its actual layout to many hands from the beginning of the XVII century the the well known Architect and Landscaper Giacomo Pregliasco giving it its romantic layout (1819) and the discreet charm you still appreciate even now during the comfortable walks along the lake’s side under the century old trees.


There are many interesting trees and flowers and shrubs, lovely pathways and meadows. Stunning the daffodil’s blooming, the violets and primroses. In May you may admire the lilies of the valley, later the peonies, then the roses, a secret passion of the landlady  and in June the Hydrangeas.



Through the years there ave been many studies of the Tenuta Berroni, there have been many studies from the University of Architecture, Landscaping and Agriculture.


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  • La biblioteca di Palazzo Bricherasio: Guarini, Juvarra e Antonelli ed. Silvana

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